National Association

NALS...the association for legal professionals is an international association founded in 1949, which now has a membership of over 5,000 throughout the United States, Canada and other foreign countries.

NALS of Missouri is one of many chartered state associations of NALS.

NALS maintains its permanent headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is recognized by the American Bar Association, as well as state and local bar associations. NALS employs a professional and courteous staff which serves and assists member inquiries, coordinates certification exams, plans upcoming educational conferences, provides educational references and tools to its members and publishes a quarterly magazine, @Law, and educational newsletters via fax or email.

Through affiliation with NALS, we offer our members corporate sponsored benefits such as car rental discounts, insurance plans, travel agency assistance and discounts on shipping via FedEx.

Chapter Associations

Chapter associations hold regular meetings offering educational speakers on various law-related topics, technology presentations, legal training courses, study groups for certification testing and other educational events.

Many chapter associations observe annual events such as activities held in conjunction with Court Observance Week, Law Day, scholarship fundraising events, community service projects and hosting seminars and conferences.

Chartered chapter associations of NALS of Missouri are:

East Central Missouri Legal Professionals
Contact:  Sherri Krawitz, President (

KCLSA...the association for legal professionals
Contact: Cheryl Naylor, President

Springfield Area Legal Support Professionals
Contact: Jody Hoffman, President (